David Crown is more than just your typical emcee. He’s conceivably the most innovative artist of his time. Fusing hip hop, EDM, and a touch of Caribbean flair, Crown is slated to become the next new breakout artist of his generation.

Hailing from the city of kings, better known as Crown Heights, NY; David Crown discovered his love of rhythm and poetry after watching fellow Brooklyn natives, Shawn “Jay Z” Carter and the Notorious B.I.G. perform at a concert hosted by popular New York City radio station Hot 97. Inspired by the lyricists before him, Crown soon began cultivating his talents, eventually developing a style of his own.

Whether freestyling for classmates on his lunch break or reciting poetry to appease the ladies, there was no denying Crown’s strong desire to entertain at an early age. Though, it wasn’t until his rendition of “Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems” by the Life After Death rapper at a school retreat in New Orleans that proved his ability to command an audience. It was in that moment when it became quite clear that someday, the stage Crown would position his throne.

Talent, mixed with drive and determination quickly landed the skilled emcee an opportunity to perform at the iconic Madison Square Garden, which at that time was a defining moment in the young teenager’s career. He then found himself overseas in front of a much larger audience where he was exposed to diverse cultures and new sounds, which contributes to his ability to cross genres successfully. With an unconventional flow, it’s almost impossible to put Crown into just one box. The next several years, he would devote his time working towards becoming a better entertainer than he was the day before.



Today, David Crown performs in sold-out venues in and around the Los Angeles region. Soon to release his highly anticipated single, “Girls,” with an upbeat music video to match, it’s only a matter of time until his signature sound is recognized on a global scale.

Although Crown’s music appeals mostly to EDM crowds, hip hop enthusiasts, party goers, and the pop culture junkies, he exudes a universal flow. His lyrics alone are enough to captivate the masses, but Crown’s deep understanding of the business, along with his showmanship is what sets the rapper a part from most artists of his generation. He has the strong ability to connect to his fans on a deeper level, whether through the conscious lyrics he conveys or his relatable persona. Crown is without a doubt an artist of the people.

He is charismatic, daring, and ambitious. Party hard, or go home. With an appreciation for life, Crown believes that time is of the essence, and lives each day like it’s his last, which manifests in the lyrics he delivers and his spur-of-the-moment lifestyle.

A true artist on the come up, Crown is committed to bringing fans uplifting material with substance, yet, still cool enough to make you dance. While his star maybe rising, he is still that guy hailing from the city of kings who went after his dreams, and never gave up.

It’s time to crown a new King